What we do

We focus out activities explicitly on the field of electronic communications services and Infrastructures.

Public policy shaping & intervention planning

We help decision makers to shape public ICT policy, prioritise areas for public intervention based on cost-benefit analysis, plan and mature state-driven initiatives and deploy interventions.

Regulatory consulting

We provide models & methodologies for the analysis of electronic communications markets, ex-ante and ex-post regulation.

We provide insight in business, strategy and technology to help our clients identify opportunities, deploy projects and develop their business.

Investment assessment & support

Through careful and detailed analysis in terms of market research, penetration forecasting and project cost estimation, we help investors to build a concrete business case in order to seek or ensure funding.

Service quality assurance

We assure service reliability by proactively monitoring infrastructure status. Building on monitoring tools combining GIS information and real time network status, we quickly identify quality glitches and assess their importance, resulting in customer retention and service up-selling.

Since our inception in 2011 we have been established as the prime telecom consulting firm in Greece as we have successfully involved in every major telecom infrastructure deployment project in the country.

Optimal network design

By using purpose-built software tools, we ensure that network design & rollout strategy adapts to local demographics, conforms to funding restrictions and aligns with business objectives.

Infrastructure roll-out orchestration

We have built our own innovative software tools to ensure that infrastructure rollout of new networks -and operation of existing ones-, meet quality requirements to deliver best-of-breed broadband services.