IT Tools

Client: Hellenic Open Fiber S.A.
PMO Upgrade - Automation project

The aim of the project was the upgrade of the existing PMO system and the addition of new functionalities as regards the provision of FTTH services.

Client: Information Society S.A.
Support and monitoring of the rollout of the Greek public sector data network (Syzefxis II)

Enomix provided the IT tools that facilitated the rollout of the Greek public sector data network. Our tools were used by the field engineers to perform site surveys and control the work orders for the equipment installation and acceptance.

Client: Greek Government
Implementation of an NGA coverage map (public infrastructure and quality of service)

We were assigned to support the Greek Government in the context of the maturation and monitoring of public broadband initiatives envisaged in the National NGA Broadband Plan by implementing a GIS-based tool to map the existing or planned private investments as well as public initiatives for the deployment of NGA infrastructures in Greece.

Client: Wind Hellas S.A.
Project management Orchestrator IT platform

We delivered professional services related to the workflow modelling, streamlining and development on our Project Management Orchestrator platform, related to the materialization of their corporate customer connections and service provisioning.

Client: Government of Cyprus
Consulting services for the technical support of broadband projects funded by the RRF

We assist the Government of Cyprus towards the implementation of the national scale broadband projects which are funded by the EU's Recovery and Resiliency Facility (RRF). Part of our job is to provide technical audit services as well as the related IT tools that will certify the qualitative and quantitative targets of the projects.

Client: OTE S.A.
Independent Auditors for the UFBB PPP project

We are acting as Independent Auditors of OTE, for the Ultra Fast Broadband PPP project, targeting more than 350K households with a total budget which exceeds 300MEuros. Based on our expertise and our IT tools, we shall ensure that the rollout of FTTP infrastructures and the corresponding broadband services in more than 350K subscribers, shall meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the PPP contract.

Client: Wind S.A.
NGA deployment planning

Enomix supported Wind, to produce its High Level NGA network design in 25 CO areas. The planning procedure took into account numerous inputs, including demographics, available technologies, regulatory context, available infrastructures, cost of deployment, opex, previous service take up, revenues estimations etc. The outcome was an optimized high level network design in terms of return on investment, technological agility and footprint maximization. Technical design was carried out with Enomix’ own built IT toolkit, which streamlined decision making and the production of optimized network layouts.