Public policy & intervention planning

Client: European Investment Bank
Support to ultrafast broadband deployments

We assist JASPERS by scrutinizing a fiber infrastructure project in Slovakia. Our job is focusing on the review of all project’s aspects, including technical design, business planning and risk assessment.

Client: Greek Government
Drafting of the National Broadband plan for the 2021-2027 programming period

The Greek Government wished to draft a National Broadband Plan to reflect its vision for ubiquitous and affordable high-quality broadband services that will enable social and economic development. We supported the Ministry of Digital Policy to set the national targets in alignment to the EU Gigabit Society and Digital Single Market policies. Subsequently prepared the public consultation in order to collect and map the private investment plans until 2027 and identify the gaps that need to be filled until the national targets are met. In order to fill these gaps, Enomix analyzed the current broadband market and infrastructures landscape, evaluated the projected situation after the private investments are substantiated and drafted specific public intervention projects in conformance to the EU financing rules (i.e. avoidance of market distortion, Very High Capacity Network definitions) and prepared an extensive list of legislative and legal measures to facilitate private investments as well as the relevant action plan including the projects’ time plan and budgets.

Client: Cypriot Government
Drafting of the National Broadband Plan of Cyprus

We were assigned to draft the National Broadband Plan of Cyprus, in order to set the roadmap for the development and availability of modern broadband infrastructures and services on the country that will enable economic growth. The Broadband Plan is an enabling condition for using EU funding tools (including the funds of the Recovery and Resiliency Fund – RRF), and it must be aligned to the EU Guidelines. During the project we assisted the Ministry to set the national targets in alignment to the EU Gigabit Society and Digital Single Market policies and mapped the private investment plans including both terrestrial and submarine broadband infrastructures. The private plans were analyzed in order to highlight the geographic areas that will remain underserved and the funding gap was assessed. Consequently, we drafted the plan which defined the appropriate measures and project are need to close the gap, assessed their economic impact on the society and prepared the financial and technical analysis in terms of technologies, budgeting, operating and business modelling and definition of the relevant progress monitoring mechanisms.

Client: Greek Government
Support for the preparation of the Super-Fast Broadband Project

We supported the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, to design and mature the Super-Fast Broadband Project. The project aimed to boost demand for Gigabit Internet Services for households and SME's. Our job included the analysis of the project’s key issues, the preparation of the time and action plan, the mapping of the areas eligible for public interventions by using GIS tools, the orchestration of public consultation, the drafting of guidelines for the beneficiaries the proposition of measures for cost reduction and preparation of the folder that was submitted and approved by the EU.

Client: Greek Government
Strategy for Digital Growth 2014-2020 for Greece

We undertook a major study to re-shape the National Digital Strategy of Greece for the programming period of 2014-2022. The study reviewed similar strategies of peer countries and identified actions and prioritized them according to their impact and the overall economic benefit for the society. The underlying analysis was based on the consolidation of all major sources of respective indicators, including DESI, OECD and ITU. Our job also focused the coordination of the public and private stakeholders to include their strategies and political directions, through a public consultation process.

Client: Greek Government
Advisory support to the Hellenic Republic in relation to the property rights on frequency spectrum

We supported Analysys Mason in the preparation of a study evaluating the allocation of individual rights in UHF (470–862MHz) and 2.6GHz spectrum bands in Greece.

Client: Municipality of Yerevan, Armenia
Feasibility study and business plan for the deployment of a Next Generation Access Network infrastructure based on fiber

We were assigned to prepare a feasibility study for the deployment of fiber based infrastructures. The project included Collection of GIS Data and analysis, Key issues analysis report, Network Layout Design and BoQ preparation, Techninal-economic substantiation of project (Assessment of revenues - Penetration estimation, CAPEX and OPEX assessment), Business plan (Company presentation, Services, revenues and company structure, Cost analysis and modeling, Business strategy, SWOT and Risk analysis report, Estimation of Financial Statements), Investment viability / Risk assessment, Project funding options / instruments investigation.