Investment assessment

Client: European Investment Bank
Support to ultrafast broadband deployments

We assist JASPERS by scrutinizing a fiber infrastructure project in Slovakia. Our job is focusing on the review of all project’s aspects, including technical design, business planning and risk assessment.

Client: LAMDA Development S.A.
Technology master plan of Ellinikon

We worked on the technology master plan of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe, in Ellinikon. Our work aimed to provide state of the art broadband connectivity to all tenants, businesses and utility functions of Ellinikon, including the Smart City and Energy domains. Among other services, our experts designed the FTTP network and provided consulting services in relation to the business and regulatory aspects of the broadband services provision.

Client: Wind Hellas S.A.
Fixed network assets valuation

We valuated the fixed network assets of Wind, one of the leading telecom operators in Greece. Our work, which was based on the IFRS standards and supported by extensive on-site surveys, was the basis on which the fixed network assets were carved out and transferred to a new network infrastructure company Hellenic Open Fiber which offers wholesale broadband services.

Client: ADMIE S.A. (Greek TSO)
Valuation update of the OPGW fiber network

We updated the model which is used in order to valuate the fiber optic assets of ADMIE. These assets consist of more than 3000km of OPGW spans and they are commercially exploited by ADMIE. The model, is used for regulatory and financial purposes and is structured on the basis of IFRS standards.

Client: Major telecom operator
Consulting services for the valuation of the Rural Connect investment and its network assessment

A major telecom operator in Greece, was examining the acquisition of Rural Connect SA. Rural Connect is an SPV, which has deployed telecom infrastructures within the context of the Rural Broadband PPP project, serving more than 180K inhabitants. We were assigned to assess the business opportunity in terms of service penetration, competition analysis as well as to evaluate the technical substantiation of the network and quantify the volume of the future investment that will be needed in order to comply to the PPP contractual obligations.

Client: Leading European infrastructure investments fund
Consulting services for the assessment of a new investment in NGA infrastructures

A tier-1 infrastructure investments fund wished to analyze the current and the future situation of the Greek electronic communications market aiming to assess opportunities and options for investment in collaboration with a major telecom operator focusing on FTTH rollout on specific geographic areas. The business model of the new venture would be based on open access network principles, with all retail operators to be treated equally. During the project, we assisted our client to gain a holistic view of the Greek telecom market, understand its dynamics and gain confidence regarding the assessment of the relevant opportunity. Out work focused on the analysis of the fixed market regulatory and policy framework and the business planning assumptions including qualitative market research, competition analysis, calculation of CAPEX and OPEX, ARPUs, wholesale costs and projections for broadband services take-up.

Client: ADMIE S.A. (Greek TSO)
Valuation of the OPGW fiber network

ADMIE, the Greek transmission system operator, owns an extensive fiber network deployed on the overhead power lines (OPGW). As we were assigned to valuate the assets consisting this network, our work followed two different methodological approaches: the depreciated replacement cost and the fair market value methods. The outputs of this project were used for regulatory and financial purposes, as ti is structured on the basis of IFRS standards.

Client: ADMIE S.A. (Greek TSO)
Consulting Services and study for the exploitation of ADMIE's (TSO) OPGW fiber network

ADMIE has developed an extended (3000km) nationwide core optical network (OPGW). Our services aimed to highlight the best way to commercially exploit the OPGW network’s fibers, while assuring long term, secure and efficient provision of data network services for the core operational activities of power transmission. This study was used to support the creation of Grid Telecom SA, a spin-off which has undertaken the commercial exploitation of the fiber assets of the ADMIE.

Client: Infracapital
Due diligence for the POPC Poland rural broadband network deployment PPP project

We scrutinized Nokia's and Infracapital's JV towards the deployment of fiber based network infrastructures within the context of the POPC PPP project in Poland. We reviewed extensively, the design of the new network, the technology options, the rollout plan and the underlying costs, with a special focus on risks invoked by the local conditions and the contractual obligations.

Technical due diligence of Go Malta

Enomix was assigned to conduct a technical Due Diligence Technical Due Diligence for Go Malta and it’s subsidiary Cablenet in Cyprus. Our work included the detailed review of the fixed and mobile network infrastructures and services, the transmission network capacity including the submarine interconnections, the Data Centre facilities, the IT services and the upgrade plans. A data room was prepared and a detailed report was delivered to the client.

Client: Municipality of Yerevan, Armenia
Feasibility study and business plan for the deployment of a Next Generation Access Network infrastructure based on fiber

We were assigned to prepare a feasibility study for the deployment of fiber based infrastructures. The project included Collection of GIS Data and analysis, Key issues analysis report, Network Layout Design and BoQ preparation, Technical and economic substantiation of project (Assessment of revenues - Penetration estimation, CAPEX and OPEX assessment), Business plan (Company presentation, Services, revenues and company structure, Cost analysis and modeling, Business strategy, SWOT and Risk analysis report, Estimation of Financial Statements), Investment viability / Risk assessment, Project funding options / instruments investigation.

Client: Cypriot Government
Technical due diligence of CYTA

We were assigned to conduct an exhaustive technical assessment for CYTA. The aim was to create a detailed data room in order to facilitate the due diligence process towards the privatization of the company. Work included the detailed review of the fixed and mobile network infrastructures and services, the transmission network capacity including the submarine interconnections, the Data Centre facilities, the IT services, the infrastructure upgrade plans and the service portfolio evolution path.